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Friends only

i have decided to make this journal Friends Only. mainly because i have another journal and a community now, and people who know nothing about me personally (and dont want to) should not be subjected to my daily thoughts and ramblings. therefore if you are interested in being added or removed from my friends list please leave a reply here or email me. im not real picky about who reads about me, but please make sure you read some of my previous entries to make sure you are even interested in being on the "list" ( i feel like im a club with a little velvet rope around me lol )

anyhow... i have, like i said before, another journalDigitalLacewhich is completely dedicated to my artwork and graphics. to be added to that friends list please reply here or there or via email. i will not post art in my personal journal any longer. so you will have to go to my portfolio journal to see any of it....if your even interested.

i also have a community dedicated to icons for live journal. Digitalicons i post there often and the community is open to anyone who would like to join. i am slowly trying to convert that into a all things digital community. so please join.

anyhow..i guess thats all.
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