Lexx (frznfaerie) wrote,

arg...some people have no lives

to put a final end to this i shall remove the icon i created and the background. i really dont care that much. the reason it wasnt done at the speed of light after hearing Lindas email reply is because SOME PEOPLE HAVE JOBS....and a life i may add. secondly these people who are trampling on my journal can now leave. i have no need for petty people who talk about others (that they have no knowledge of outside of a SILLY ICON ARGUMENT) in some journal community. fine there is a problem, problem resolved now leave. this is (despite everyones belief) my personal journal and was infact friends only up until this most recent entry (when i thought i would give the public thing a try for once) and look at where it ended up. so sad. third. i think its sad for all of you that have had enough time to follow up on this matter (repeatedly) and you should really look into some more constructive things to do with your time. and last the entry in the digitalicons community was not deleted by me. it was deleted by the owner. i actually told her i would not delete it because i didnt believe it should be deleted. she wanted to delete it. probably for the same reason i am deleting mine. because you people wont fucking shut up about it. its so pathetic to get home from work and have your inbox overloaded with silly little people that you dont know talking about something that isnt even their business in the first place. but it has gone past ridiculousness in to just plain pissing me off. so i didnt even get a chance to delete it out of respect for the artist ( which i do have much of) but because you childish brats are so annoying that i just plain dont want to hear it anymore. so you have accomplished your goal. do not EVER post in my journal again. your not welcome, your not wanted, and if you do i shall ban your ip addresses. now please children run along and stop bothering me. i tire of your idiocy.
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