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[08 Nov 2002|06:14pm]
im rather sick of loging into 2 different journals as of late....so i am going to bid yee all farewell! and if you want to continue getting lexi updates your gonna have to befriend digitallace. im afraid my alter ego has taken over for good and had banished frznfaerie from everything. probably. so anyhow. digitallace is now both my personal and graphics journal.


tee hee [30 Oct 2002|08:11pm]
new hair for me-o

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[30 Oct 2002|07:48am]
so i am getting my hair chopped off tonight. i am fairly certain that i want a cute little angled bob....but im going to let my hair god brandon make the final call......because he is well...the expert.....

[08 Oct 2002|06:33pm]
i havent really posted much lately. ive been working on a bunch of graphics lately and i think it has made me bored with my website layout already....bleh....i think i will change it soon.

work is still great. im about to get me some health insurance and get my as to a doctor and figure out whats wrong with me already. i didnt realize how fucking expensive it is though. i mean damn! fucking bull shit if you ask me. once i go to the doctor i probably wont go back for another 3 years...or more. geez. god damn insurance.

im trying to budget everything out so that i can buy a car within the next month or so. seth is being a sweetie and letting me drive his...but i really hate leaving him without a car during the week. i am used to the stick now though...but i drove shannons car the other weekend and it made me miss having an automatic. they are just so much easier. i was noticing today that like 1 in 3 people are doing other shit while they are driving and the way traffic is in south tampa its so easy to get into an accident anyhow...i dont need the added responsibility of actually making my car do what automatics do...well....automatically...

i have ink all over my fingers from trying to fix my printer. bleh.

tonight is my tv night. buffy and smallville. yay. *does a little jig*

seth is going to make me a yummy salmon dinner tonight. i decided that i like salmon. nothing so far has beat the salmon kyle ordered from bellas on my birthday though...mmm mmm good. :) it was all sweet and honey-ey. :) gotta love stuff served on a plank. lol
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[06 Oct 2002|07:51pm]

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[05 Oct 2002|07:18pm]
i re did my journal layout. hehehe i love pink!

[05 Oct 2002|05:04pm]
i added more icons to my site and my portfolio ...for the interested.... go here or here to see them
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[24 Sep 2002|07:20pm]
i did some more updating of my site today and last night. i added an ezboard i created. so thats cool. also switched some other stuff around

[23 Sep 2002|07:28am]

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[22 Sep 2002|11:04am]
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[22 Sep 2002|10:12am]

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arg...some people have no lives [18 Sep 2002|06:21pm]
to put a final end to this i shall remove the icon i created and the background. i really dont care that much. the reason it wasnt done at the speed of light after hearing Lindas email reply is because SOME PEOPLE HAVE JOBS....and a life i may add. secondly these people who are trampling on my journal can now leave. i have no need for petty people who talk about others (that they have no knowledge of outside of a SILLY ICON ARGUMENT) in some journal community. fine there is a problem, problem resolved now leave. this is (despite everyones belief) my personal journal and was infact friends only up until this most recent entry (when i thought i would give the public thing a try for once) and look at where it ended up. so sad. third. i think its sad for all of you that have had enough time to follow up on this matter (repeatedly) and you should really look into some more constructive things to do with your time. and last the entry in the digitalicons community was not deleted by me. it was deleted by the owner. i actually told her i would not delete it because i didnt believe it should be deleted. she wanted to delete it. probably for the same reason i am deleting mine. because you people wont fucking shut up about it. its so pathetic to get home from work and have your inbox overloaded with silly little people that you dont know talking about something that isnt even their business in the first place. but it has gone past ridiculousness in to just plain pissing me off. so i didnt even get a chance to delete it out of respect for the artist ( which i do have much of) but because you childish brats are so annoying that i just plain dont want to hear it anymore. so you have accomplished your goal. do not EVER post in my journal again. your not welcome, your not wanted, and if you do i shall ban your ip addresses. now please children run along and stop bothering me. i tire of your idiocy.
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[13 Sep 2002|07:41am]

Meet 'EVIL'

my adopted

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[08 Sep 2002|05:04pm]
how does one inbed a bloger into their site?!...hrm.....
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[08 Sep 2002|03:10pm]
blah! i cant stand to look at this computer much longer today! i have been working on my site for hours now. i finally have everything uploaded, now i just have to link the shit all over the place. ick... i need more mad html skills... i think im going to get a blogger... the space on the front page looks a tad bit bare. anyone want to help me with my html? no one huh?! ah well..... at least now i have the ability to direct link my images without gay ass boomspeed. hooray.....it will be awhile till its all back to normal though. i re did my journals yesterday. they look spiffy. i love her artwork. anyhow. im gonna go now. visit www.digitallace.net soon. :)
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[07 Sep 2002|09:20pm]
www.digitallace.net is officially mine. it should be up and running in a couple of days

Friends only [19 Jul 2002|04:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i have decided to make this journal Friends Only. mainly because i have another journal and a community now, and people who know nothing about me personally (and dont want to) should not be subjected to my daily thoughts and ramblings. therefore if you are interested in being added or removed from my friends list please leave a reply here or email me. im not real picky about who reads about me, but please make sure you read some of my previous entries to make sure you are even interested in being on the "list" ( i feel like im a club with a little velvet rope around me lol )

anyhow... i have, like i said before, another journalDigitalLacewhich is completely dedicated to my artwork and graphics. to be added to that friends list please reply here or there or via email. i will not post art in my personal journal any longer. so you will have to go to my portfolio journal to see any of it....if your even interested.

i also have a community dedicated to icons for live journal. Digitalicons i post there often and the community is open to anyone who would like to join. i am slowly trying to convert that into a all things digital community. so please join.

anyhow..i guess thats all.

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Backgrounds Abound [18 Jul 2002|05:42pm]
ok.... i got sick of making icons....and i was so impressed after finishing the layout for my community Digitalicons and my own. So i decided to make some backgrounds. they are free to take but the originals will need to be sent via email because i am not using up room i have to host them, so i made smaller versions of the whole backgrounds for you to view. NEW RULES FOR THE BACKGROUNDS:

*leave a reply here with the background number(s) you want, your resolution and your email address

*unlike my icons these took a lot of work to perfect so please leve me some sort of credit. preferably on your info page. i will get pissed if i see one of my backgrounds in your layout without credit given.

i think that about covers it.

5. War of Genesis III
3. Magna Carta

Anime BackgroundsCollapse )
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New Layout [18 Jul 2002|11:34am]
[ mood | amused ]

so i made a new layout for my new community digitalicons and i decided that i totally like theirs better then my own....so im like...wll this just won't do...i at least need to like mine almost as much....and since i am really digging the magna carta/war of genesis style here lately, so made a new layout of my own. YAY. anyhow....i like it...i still think i am slightly partial to my communties layout..ah well.

oh...and 2 of the 4 total losers i wanted to be booted off american idol were booted off....YAY....if i have my way at the end of next weeks show the only guy left ill be Justin. lol...i am so addicted...i think i may even have Seth liking it a little. he was all like "if justin gets voted off i am so not watching this anymore!" lol hes so adorable.

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[17 Jul 2002|05:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i start my new job on monday. everyone there seems uber nice. so far i really like the place.i went by and got all my paperwork and stuff today. YAY

i tooled around town for awhile in seths car and i kept stalling it out...and was getting really freaked out and frustrated and cars were just piling up behind me and so i eventually gave up and locked the car and walked down to the lab and walked back with seth so he could get his car. it just freaked me out so bad. so then he drove me home and i realized....the reason why it kept stalling and wouldnt go...is because i never took the parking break off.......im such a freaking loser!

so anyhow...seth took me to the work thing today. tonight after work im going to go back out to davis island and do some more practicing. hopefully i will get a better grasp for it....i gotta remember the parking break thing though...im just not used to that...its like my car had a parking break but it didnt work....lol...among other things...did i mention that my radiator was apparently made of plastic?! i hate koreans and their stupid fucking cars. thats like the equivilent of saying "hey..i gotta hold 300 degree water and lots of pressure in something...lets make it out of wood!!!" geez...even i know better then to make a radiator out of plastic....it literally crumbled in seths hands yesterday..... *shakes head*

so im doing lots of updates on my new community digital icons i totally revamped the layout and the icons and the background...i think i like it even better then my own personal journal....lol....but i figure i will be starting work monday and that will be a huge schedule shock so im probably not going to very computery for a bit...it may not work out that way...but i figure i should work on this stuff while i know i have the time.

anyhow...even though all this shitty car stuff is going on i have a job now...which i think i am really going to lie because it allows me to be creative, and that means im gonna get money soon and i havent had any of that in a long time...lol...they even shut my cable off a couple days ago...i had to watch american idols in fuzz-o-vision. but seths eye doctor appointment comes before cable cause he thinks he may be getting blind-er. yeesh.

well this has tuned into a long entry.....i hope it wasnt too horribly boring for anyone......


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