Lexx (frznfaerie) wrote,

i havent really posted much lately. ive been working on a bunch of graphics lately and i think it has made me bored with my website layout already....bleh....i think i will change it soon.

work is still great. im about to get me some health insurance and get my as to a doctor and figure out whats wrong with me already. i didnt realize how fucking expensive it is though. i mean damn! fucking bull shit if you ask me. once i go to the doctor i probably wont go back for another 3 years...or more. geez. god damn insurance.

im trying to budget everything out so that i can buy a car within the next month or so. seth is being a sweetie and letting me drive his...but i really hate leaving him without a car during the week. i am used to the stick now though...but i drove shannons car the other weekend and it made me miss having an automatic. they are just so much easier. i was noticing today that like 1 in 3 people are doing other shit while they are driving and the way traffic is in south tampa its so easy to get into an accident anyhow...i dont need the added responsibility of actually making my car do what automatics do...well....automatically...

i have ink all over my fingers from trying to fix my printer. bleh.

tonight is my tv night. buffy and smallville. yay. *does a little jig*

seth is going to make me a yummy salmon dinner tonight. i decided that i like salmon. nothing so far has beat the salmon kyle ordered from bellas on my birthday though...mmm mmm good. :) it was all sweet and honey-ey. :) gotta love stuff served on a plank. lol
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